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Insurances and Fees




Insurances and Fees



"In-Network Plans".  Insurance plans vary by employer and region.  When you contact our office, we will obtain your health insurance information, and if our practice is in your health insurance's provider network, then we will contact your insurance, verify that our psychologists are "in-network", obtain pre-authorization, and we'll give you an estimate of any out-of-pocket costs.


Usually, you will only have to pay your co-pay for a specialist at each session.  However, some plans have deductibles, co-insurance, or other out-of-pocket expenses.  As "in-network" providers, we have agreed to assist with any "authorizations" or "pre-certification" process and we will accept your insurance's contracted fees.  You will not be billed for the difference between our fees and your insurance company's allowable rates for each session or service.


Not all services can be billed to your health insurance, and any service that cannot be billed to your health insurance will be discussed with you before the service is provided.



MacGregor Behavioral Health Services is currently "in network" for:



"Out-of-Network Plans".  If we are not providers for your insurance, then our psychologists are "out of network".  You will need to pay the fees at the time of each service, and a detailed receipt will be provided to you.  As we are not in your network, we do not submit claims to your insurance company for you and we do not agree to accept their rates.  You  may work with your insurance company directly to seek reimbursement for your fees paid to our practice, however, we cannot assist with the claims process or any other "authorization" or "pre-certification" paperwork.  If you request that your psychologist complete paperwork or make phone calls for your insurance company, you will be responsible for the fees for these tasks and this will be discussed with you when you request those services.  You may contact our office to obtain the current fee schedule for all of our services.



For "out of network" plans and for individuals paying for their own services without using their health insurance, the following fees will be due at each session:


$160.00     Diagnostic Interview (60 minutes)

$125.00     Individual Therapy Session (45 minutes)

$140.00     Individual Therapy Session (60 minutes)

$130.00     Family Therapy Session (50 minutes)

$125.00     Psychological Testing and Evaluation Services (per hour)




Forensic and Legal Services.  Forensic evaluations and any services needed for legal purposes cannot be billed to your health insurance (including child custody evaluations, parenting evaluations, criminal/pre-trial evaluations, document preparation or phone calls with attorneys).  Health insurance will only pay for services necessary for treatment.  The fees for forensic and legal services vary depending on the type of service.  An estimate will be provided by the evaluating psychologist based on the information you provide when you (or your attorney) contact our office.  The cost estimate is based on the total number of hours the psychologist is estimating the evaluation will require.  Typically a court order is required for forensic evaluations and your attorney will be involved in the process of setting up the evaluation.